Jinn Ko Apne Kabu Karne Ka Amal

Jinn Ko Kabu Karne Ka Amal
Jinn Ko Kabu Karne Ka Amal

Jinn Ko Apne Kabu Karne Ka Amal , ”Implementation of Jinn to control – Jinn is a Muslim word, which comes from the Arabic language. After the death of a person, the spirit which wanders in this world to fulfill any of its desires is called Jinn.Many things are known about jinn and jinnats in Islam. There are many misconceptions about this too, but most people get an idea of its extraordinary strength when faced with it. In human life, many unknown and unknown things are

hidden in the seven folds.Because of that, accidental events happen in a persons life. Only the jinn
can understand about this. When a person starts falling prey to unforeseen events, the genie can help
him out of the sea of troubles. This is possible only when the genie is controlled.

Jinn Ko Kabu Karne Ka Tarika

Jinn have been given many stipends and blessings to control them. It can be done under their control
by following their clean intentions. According to Muslim beliefs, these jinn or jinnats only harm
humans.There are very few of them which are not dangerous for humans. Their world is completely
different from the human world. Todays state-of-the-art society may not understand its existence,
but the belief is that it has the power to subdue any person body. According to the beliefs of Islam,
humans become jinn after death and wandering in this world for thousands of years to fulfill any
unfulfilled desire. Many such jinn are full of powers. They can fly. Can disappear. Can grip the form of
any person being. Even one can easily reach from one place to another.

Jinn Ko Kabu Karne Ka Amal In Islam
Jinn Ko Apne Kabu Karne Ka Amal
Jinn Ko Apne Kabu Karne Ka Amal

Jinn is divided into five categories due to his strength and other qualities in human rights. They have
different powers. It is these powers that make humans plagued .Among them a jinn named Murid is
considered the most dangerous. Aladdins lamp also mentions the same genie, which is mostly found
in the sea or open water. Like the human world, the genie living in a different world is Efrat.

They live like a couple and they understand the human spirit very easily. Also very soon, humans
make friends as their friends. They are both good and bad.Sila Jinn can be only and only one woman,
which is formed after the death of a woman due to accidental accident. It has been considered very
strong and strong mentally.

Its presence can lead to human being in both loss and harm situations. Dhul is recognized as a human
meat eater, a category of jinn found around the cemetery. They are very cruel and demonic.
These can prove to be very desperate for humans. Therefore it is advisable to avoid them. Similarly,
Betal is also a genie who is said to be the blood drinker of humans. One of its features is that they can
see both past and future.Many interesting and strange stories about Jinn are heard. The important
assumption about this is that they remain human in their true form, rather than in human form.
They stay away from holy places like religious books and mosques. They sometimes take the shape of
a person who is alive and leading a normal life. They do this when the person passes alone through
their deserted place of residence. It can be any ruin in a village, city or town and a place of very little
light. They can interfere in their lives by taking human form.

Jinn Ka Wazifa

Jinn have to do a lot of hard work to control them. It takes a lot of vigilance. A slight lapse can also be
fatal during his subjugation.Only those who do this to fulfill their evil intentions get failure and they
lose their lives in this affair. After joining, they too join the world of jinn. Apart from this, only those
people are able to succeed in jinn cultivation, who subdue them in order to do good to others.
How to control the genie?The practice required to control the genie is six hours in total. For this, after
11 clock on the night of Jumrat, go to an empty house or a deserted place. Wear a new veneer,
which should be white. Keep fragrant flowers with you.Take a bottle of perfume with a very fragrant
fragrance. Do not keep anything that smells bad. Such as onion or garlic. After laying the wazoo, sit on
a white sheet. After that, execute Hisar in this way.

Jinn Ki Dua

Before offering Amal, offer two Rakt Namaz. Read Surah Fateha or Surat Nasah 10 times in every
Rakat.After that read four clans or italakursi once. Then thrice a bangle. Pull a circle around you with
that bangle.It is now the turn to read the work, which will have to be read a quarter of a million times
with both eyes closed. Amal- or Shamulani.After the demise, the genie will appear as a woman in
front of your eyes. Salute you Then take a promise from him. Tell him that you will have to come
when you call him for help. Saying this, drop the perfume bottle there itself. After that she will give
some sign, which will be seen in her hand.




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