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    Mabhboob Ko Pyar Me Pagal Karne Ka Wazifa

    Mabhboob Ko Pyar Me Pagal Karne Ka Wazifa, To fall madly in love means to be in love with someone. When a
    lover wants someone with a heart, and without him his life starts to become dull, or it becomes
    difficult to spend a moment, it means that he has become crazy in his love.Not everyone gets such luck. Every girl or boy wants her lover to love her to the extent of insanity. If it
    is not so, he should read the small portion of the verse given in the Quran wholeheartedly. It works
    like awakening love in the heart of the beloved.

    Pyar Me Pagal Karne Ka Amal

    If a lover realizes that his girlfriend does not love him wholeheartedly, then he should read Wazifa or
    Vadudo, or Buddu, or Latifo 900 times on a daily night. It is necessary to read Durude Pak 11 times
    before and after reading it.

    At this time, keep the picture of your beloved in front of your eyes. Or close the eyes and remember
    the good things about him and his face, so that a better picture of him will emerge in the mind.

    During this, the verses of Namaz and Quran should be read with complete restriction. This sequence
    should be continued till the love is awakened in the heart of the beloved.

    Pyar Me Pagal Karne Ka Taweez

    Be it a girlfriend or a wrathful wife, in order to awaken the magic of love in her heart, do the practice
    of reading the stipend with a clear intention. Wajif- or Buddu Hello, or Qumsafailo, or Ratokhadailo e
    Nakdi Hajati-kun Phaya Kun. Read it 1100 times continuously after 11 o clock at night.

    Before reading this and at the end, Durude Sharif must read 21 times. Put the picture in front of your
    girlfriend in front of your girlfriend. Along with this, also offer prayers for five times and pray to
    Allatala to win the heart of the beloved. This effect will have magic effect. Any girl can do this to gain
    the love of her lover.
    Execute with sweet cheese

    Pyar Me Pagal Karne Ka Tarika

    If your lover is turning you towards another girl and you have been ignored, then there is no need to
    worry. Reason: The stipend to find love in Islam has been described as very effective. It has been suggested to use it with sweet cheese. When you ask Allah for love for your love, then Allah will create your love only and only in the heart of your lover.

    Pyar Me Pagal Karne Ka Wazifa
    Pyar Me Pagal Karne Ka Wazifa

    For this, maintain the noble intentions of your heart and read Dua with full sincerity and clear heart. It
    is necessary to read Durud Sharif 7-7 times before and after the Dua which is recited 70 times on any
    given night. After that, dab on some sweet sugar or honey, that is, blow it up. Mix and feed him in
    your Mehboob food. Dua is as follows-

    Alam tra kayfa bstam khvah oo khur fanla bin/binte fanla rabbuka bi as habil fil alam yaj

    Aal kayda hum bstum khvaah oo khur fanla bin/binte fanlaa fi tad liliv toran abba bil

    Tami himmbihija ratimm min sijjilin fja lahum k aasfimm maa akul bstam khvaah oo khur maashuk ka naam binte/bin maa ka naam “ alaa hub khud ka naam binte”

    Special – According to this stipend, a mark is completed with the name of mother without bin. If it is a
    boy who executes, then he says and if he is a girl, he says binte

    For example, if the stipend is being read for the boy, then “Bastam Khawah O Khur Muzaffar bin
    Maryam” is to be chanted. In the same way, if there is a girl, then you should say Bastam Khawah O
    Khur Amina Binte Nafisa". In case the mothers name is not known, one should say Eve

    After the three Khawah o Khur, take the name and name of your mother for whom you are executing.
    After Ala Hub, take your name without your name. Allah taala will surely accept your prayers and
    there will be a tremendous place for you in Mehboobs heart.

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