Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
    Kisi Ki Narazgi Door Karne Ka Wazifa

    Kisi Ki Narazgi Door Karne Ka Wazifa-Naraz Insan Ko Manane Ka Amal , ” Many times, some of our people get angry about something, so they have to be persuaded, today we are telling you the blessings of celebrating a tired man and the promise of celebrating a ruthless girlfriend. Today we are also telling you the stipend to celebrate angry husband, so read it carefully.

    Kisi ko manane ka wazifa

    There are some person in our life who are very close to our hub. But if the people whom we believe
    to be ours get angry with us, then this world starts to be hated. Many times, due to some
    misunderstanding or minor quarrel, some one of ours gets angry with us.

    You can adopt a stipend to convince someone to make such people your friend again. Using this
    stipend, you can make anyone your own very easily.

    If someone close to you is angry with you or is not talking to you, then you can use the stipend to
    convince someone. After the use of this stipend, the anger of that person will go away immediately.

    The stipend to convince someone is to start after the Insha Namaz or Fajr prayers. You have to do
    this stipend in a very clean cooking condition. That is why parents are requested not to use this
    stipend during menstruation. To convince someone, you first have to read Durood Sharif 11 times.
    After this, the stipend given below is to read 200 marks with a very calm mind -Ya wadudo

    While reading the stipend to persuade someone, you have to remain absolutely silent and do not talk
    to any person. While reading the stipend, remember the face of the person in your thoughts for
    whom you are reading this stipend. Finally you have to read Durood A Pak again 11 times. You have to
    read the stipend to convince someone for 11 days daily.

    Kisi Ki Narazgi Door Karne Ka Tarika

    Stipend to celebrate angry husband – Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Wazifa, Amal, Dua, Tarike, Upay,
    Hindi, Urdu, Mian Biwis relationship is very sweet. Many times, there is a debate between Mian Biwi
    about something and the two stop talking to each other.

    A woman forgets this thing in her mind, but men are very stubborn by nature. If they find something
    in their heart, they do not easily forget it. In such a situation, his wife is upset all day.

    She tries hard to please and persuade her husband, but all her efforts seem to fail. Such women
    should read the stipend to convince the angry husband to persuade her husband.

    Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Wazifa

    Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Wazifa

    If your husband is angry with you for many days and is not talking to you, then you can use the
    stipend to convince the angry husband. For this stipend, sit in a secluded place and the husband
    should keep a picture of the wedding in front of you. After this, read the stipend to celebrate the
    angry husband given below:

    As salala

    After reading this stipend, you have to take a glass of water and suppress it. After this, give that water
    yellow to your husband on any pretext. After drinking the pot of water, all your husband&s anger will calm down and happiness will return to your life once again.



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