Powerful Wazifa Dua to Listen to Husband

Dua to Listen to Husband
Dua to Listen to Husband

Powerful Wazifa Dua to Listen to Husband , ” A husband is a person after whom a wife spends her entire life with full love, dedication, and loyalty. Shoher are the most important male members of your societies. Generally in families, men are the main decision makers and income generators. To make her husband loyal, our prayers make her more attracted and loyal to her. Some husbands have no control over themselves, they may fall for someone other than you. You should always keep your husband attracted and happy with you. The wife and husband share a very special bond in which they get to understand each other.

Dua For Bad Tempered Husband

Husbands listen to make powerful prayers During all these years of marriage, at some point, love begins to decline. When love starts to dominate us completely then who is responsible for it, sometimes the circumstances get so bad that things are not under our control. Our real blessing for a bad tempered husband is to cure your rude and angry husband. This prayer keeps your husband very calm and calm and makes them well behaved and disciplined. Praying to your husband will make your husband like your puppet and he will start listening to you and start working as you said. A wife can do whatever she wants to her husband. Allah has made women very powerful and our prayers will make them more powerful and will give all the power in their hands.

Dua For Bad Tempered Husband

Dua For Bad Tempered Husband

How to be faithful and listen to your Husband wife relationship is very good relationship, there is a friendship that two people can sharewith each other. It takes a lot of time to work together to build compatibility and understanding. Themore time we underwrite in a relationship, the muscular it becomes. By making our husband loyal to our prayers, your husband will follow you and will start doing everything she says.

Dua for respect from husband

Your husband may be a gentle and loving person, but he should also respect you. If he is insulting you and not giving you any value, then you should go to Molavi ji and pray for respect from your husband. The Almighty can solve all the problems you have and fix everything in your life, you just need to recite a perfect dua like a dua for a husband to solve such problems. You want your husband to respect you and will support you in every situation if you are right. Dua for respect from husband or to make husband faithful, dua will bring back the old version of your husband and you can be happy forever.

If you love your husband and want him to respect you. Then you should try to resolve this situation by talking to your husband to seek help from Allah Pak. There are many prayers in Quran-e-Pak that you can listen to to honor your husband. Allah Pak loves you very much and has already answered your every problem in his books. It is mentioned below that in order to make the husband obedient, pray and listen to the wife:

1 Make a fresh wudu
2 Offer 2 Rakt Nafil.
3 Salah recites Duryodhana Salavat 11 times after getting up and standing.
4 After that recite Yes Aziz-Jo 3000 times and recite Duryodhana Salvat 11 times then pray for
5 You should not sit during that wazfia.
6 On the 4th day of the stipend, you will recite Ya Aziz-O 5000 times while sitting.
7 All the rest of the day you will do the stipend.
8 On the 4th, 5 th day, 6 th day, 7th day you will repeatĀ  Ya Aziz-O" 5000 times.
9 You should recite Yes Aziz-O 29000 times in a week.
Our astrologers have made this special dua which will help you a lot in your result. You should obey
my husband to pray to our Molvi ji. You must consult us before undertaking any prayer.

Powerful Wazifa Dua to Listen to Husband

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